Current Courses

I am currently teaching courses on skepticism, philosophy in public, and the meaning of life, as well as a course preparing students for the GRE exam.

In Knowledge and the Threat of Skepticism, we review historical and contemporary arguments for local and global skepticism. In addition to familiar skeptical challenges to knowledge of the external world and knowledge of the future, we discuss the skeptical challenges posed by new technologies and new forms of communication. We aim to assess the extent to which these are new challenges and the extent to which responses to more familiar skeptical challenges serve to illuminate these concerns.

In the Meaning of Life, we cover a range of views concerning what makes for a good and fulfilling human life. In the process, we explore important philosophical topics including the connection between mind and body, freedom of the will, the (in)voluntariness of belief and desire, and the limits of human knowledge, to name  a few. We explore how attention to these topics illuminates the central question of the meaning of life.

In Philosophy in Public, we consider a series of philosophical issues of special relevance to ordinary human life. These include ancient perspectives on the nature of the good life, the role of emotion and factual disagreements in conflict, the meaning of life, and how technological advances and the nature of modern work can threaten human pursuits.